Parties Fight when Vienna Kehillah Convenes
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Parties Fight when Vienna Kehillah Convenes

Representatives of all the Jewish parties urged the acceptance of their respective programs as the program of the newly elected Kehillah of Vienna at its first meeting held here yesterday.

Professor Pick, assimilationist, was elected president. Dr. Loewenherz, Zionist, and Mr. Ehrenstein, Assimilationist, were elected vice-presidents. Five Assimilationists, two Zionists and one neutral member were elected to the Board of Governors.

A declaration read in behalf of the Zionist members of the Kehillah, demanded that the Kehillah be transformed into a Voelksgemeinde, which should participate in the reconstruction work of Palestine. Representatives of the Assimilationists urged the preservation of its previous character as a congregation. The representative of the Agudas Israel laid emphasis on the religious foundation of the Kehillah. The Mizrachi representative criticized the separatist tendencies of the Agudah.

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