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Annual Conference of German Society for Combating Anti-semitism

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The annual conference of the Union for Combating Anti-Semitism has been held here. Ex-Federal Minister Dr. Gotheim, the President, who opened the conference, expressed the regret of the conference that the ex-German Chancellor, Dr. Fehrenbach, his co-President, was unable because of illness to be present.

Prof. Baumgarten delivered an address on the causes of the anti-Semitic Nationalist movement. It was, he said, perverted patriotism on the one hand, and a weakened sense of reality on the part of the German people as a result of the war, on the other. That was the reason for the leadership of the movement by military ex-officers.

The Catholic Chaplain Thome, of Bonn, declared that Christianity and Judaism were from the theological standpoint inseparable. If Judaism went, Christianity must go also.