Benny Leonard Makes Contribution to U. P. A.
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Benny Leonard Makes Contribution to U. P. A.

Benny Leonard, undefeated light-weight champion of the world, sent a contribution of $500 for the United Palestine Appeal to Dr. Stephen S. Wise, the National Chairman. In a letter accompanying his check he explains the motives that prompted him in making his contribution:

“You know of my deep interest in the welfare and up-building of Palestine. I want to help in the drive which you are now carrying on. I am therefore enclosing a modest check which I hope will help in the good cause. My only regret is that I cannot make it much more.”

Dr. Wise in a letter of acknowledgement to Benny Leonard writes:

“I want you to know that as the Chairman of the United Palestine Appeal, I am glad of the contribution, because it comes from you. I know how you have borne yourself in your calling, and that you have sedulously struggled to uphold the honor of the Jew throughout your career.”