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Arab Paper Objects to Col. Symes As Palestine’s Geneva Representative

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

A protest against the appointment of Col. George S. Symes, civil secretary of the Palestine government, as the accedited representative of the mandatory power to appear before the permanent mandates commission in its June session was voiced by th “Falastin,” the organ of the Palestine Arab Executive.

The paper states that Col. Symes is a greater supporter of political Zionism than Sir William Deeds was a supporter of spiritual Zionism. Lord Plumer is only a figurehead, the real ruler is Col. Symes, whom Sir Herbert Samuel appointed to the post of government secretary over the head of Plumer and against the priority of Sir Ronald Storrs, the paper states. “Col. Symes receives Jewish delegations daily and negotiates with Col. Frederick H. Kisch, but Arab delegations find it difficult to interview him. This man cannot impartially represent the Palestine government at Geneva,” the paper claims.