Zionist Executive in Palestine Takes Action Against Unemployment
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Zionist Executive in Palestine Takes Action Against Unemployment

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Measures to meet the present economic situation in Palestine, growing out of the unemployment and immigration requirements, were taken by the Palestine Zionist Executive.

In view of the preponderance of the Chalutzim among the new arrivals, the Executive decided to increase the immigration budget from £40,000 to £60,000 for the year ending in September. In order to increase the possibilities of employment, the Executive recently voted £15,000 as a supplement to the labor budget, which will now amount to £38,000.

The United Palestine Appeal headquarters in New York transmitted $50,000 as a special labor remittance.

A strike against increase in rents in Palestine is threatening. The strike was to have taken place this week but was postponed until after the celebration of King George’s birthday on June 3.

Leaders of the movement declared that the strike will begin on Monday.

Governor Storrs of Jerusalem is endeavoring to avoid the strike.

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