Immigrants Attacked and Defended at Two Conventions in Phila.
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Immigrants Attacked and Defended at Two Conventions in Phila.

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

An attack on the melting pot and a defense of it marked the sessions here Wednesday of members of the National Educational Association, consisting of teachers from all parts of the country, who are holding their annual convention here, and of the Civitan Clubs.

The demand that a more thorough examination of immigrants be made before and after they arrive was expressed by Frederick A. Wallis, Commissioner of Corrections of New York City.

A different view was taken by William C. Bagley, of Teachers’ College, Columbia University, who, in an address before the National Educational Association, cited statistics to prove that there is less crime in states having a large foreign-born population.

“Contrary to general belief.” said Mr. Bagley, “not only is the average of morality high in these states, but Massachusetts, a state containing a population of which more than a quarter is foreign-born, stands at the top of the list of states comparatively free from crimes of violence.”

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