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Ukrainians in America Are Asked to Help Fight Schwartzbard Ukrainian Paper in Poland Publishes Anti-

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

An appeal to the Ukrainians of America has been issued by the Ukrainian Committee in Paris for assistance in their effort to create a fund with which to conduct their fight against Sholom Schwartzbard, who assassinated Petlura, the Ukrainian pogrom leader.

“Our enemies,” the appeal of the Ukrainian Committee states, “not satisfied with having assassinated the leading representative of our people, are spreading false information for the purpose of besmirching the clean and holy name of Petlura and the whole Ukrainian nation. Our enemies are collecting large funds for the defense of Schwartzbard. In order to combat these lies and also to inform the world of the truth regarding Petlura’s role in Ukrainia, it is necessary to create a fund in America, Canada and in all other countries where Ukrainian immigrants are living,” the appeal states.