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Schwartzbard’s Act Not Approved by German Jewish Soldiers’ Federation

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service)

The Federation of Jewish Soldiers in Germany has issued a statement in connection with an accusation that has been made in the anti-Semitic press, that Schwartzbard was the President of the Federation of Jewish Soldiers in France and that the Federation of Jewish Soldiers in Berlin must know something too about his shooting Petlura.

“We do not know,” the statement says, “whether there is a Federation of Jewish Soldiers in France and whether Schwartzbard has anything to do with it. It is well known that Petlura and his subordinates, acting with his knowledge, murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Ukraine for the sheer lust of killing. We know that the large Jewish agricultural colonies in the Ukraine were completely wiped out. As to our attitude towards political murders, we declare that we condemn murder under all conditions even when it is the murder of a Petlura and irrespective of the motives of the murderer. It is purely a question for the State to deal with and to pass sentence as it finds fit.”