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Naturalized Citizens Not Protected from Military Service in Home Countries

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

Naturalized American citizens returning on a visit to their country of origin are liable for military service in such country despite the fact that they have become American citizens. The United States Government can protest, “but can give no assurances that any objections which it may make will result in a remission or release,” according to a declaration made by the State Department here. At least this is the case in regard to all countries with which the United States has no naturalization treaty whereby American naturalization is recognized.

The announcement was made by the State Department in connection with inquiries regarding the case of Louis Davin. a French immigrant who became naturalized and then returned on a visit to France and was there impressed into the military service. There is no naturalization treaty with France.

The above situation will no doubt be of great interest to all naturalized citizens who originally came from countries like Russia and Poland and other European countries having compulsory military service. Such naturalized citizens should first carefully ascertain whether there is a naturalization treaty which would protect their status before returning on a visit to their home country.