Anti-semite International Resumes Its War Against “enslavement by Jews”
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Anti-semite International Resumes Its War Against “enslavement by Jews”

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The office of the Anti-Semitic International here has issued a statement in which is says that between August 8th and the 11th a meeting was held in a town in Denmark of anti-Jewish representatives from most of the countries of Europe The name of the town is not given Representatives from Denmark Germany. Austria, ? France. Poland, Italy. Holland. Sweden. Switzerland, Cztche-Slovakia. Hungary and of the Russian Emigrees were present.

The representatives reported on the fight against international high finance in their respective countries. The Dawes Plan was examined by the Conference and it was established to what extent the enslavement of the economic life of the peoples is being effected in one country after another. The meeting expressed itself unanimously against the gold standard which in its view is nothing but a method of high finance to make all States dependent upon in. The meeting further discussed ways and means of conducting propaganda against the “enslavement of all peoples by International Jew-directed. High Finance.”

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