News Brief

Bible Stories for Very Little People, by E. E. Levinger. Behrman’s Jewish Book Shop.

Second Year in Hebrew, by H. E. Goldin and B. Silk. Reznick, Menschel & Co.

Chaim Nachmann Bialik–Poems from Hebrew. Edited by L. V. Snowman with an introduction by Vladimir Jabotinsky. London: Hasefer.

The Jazz Singer, by Samson Raphaelson. Brentano’s. $2.

The Glory of God, by Israel Abrahams, Oxford University Press. $1.50.

Power, by Lion Feuchtwanger. Translated from the German by Willa & Edwin Muir, in which the leading character, Susz, is a Jew. Viking Press.

The Arab Civilization, by Joseph Heu. London: W. Heffer & Sons, Ltd.

Syria, by Leonard Stein, London: Ernest Benn, 3s6d.

Pontius Pilate, by John W. Klein. A Biblical drama in 5 acts. London: Arthur H. Stockwell.