Zirelson in Roumanian Senate Urges Government to Check Anti-semitism
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Zirelson in Roumanian Senate Urges Government to Check Anti-semitism

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The question of the anti-Semitic movement in Roumania came up for discussion in the Roumanian Senate when Rabbi Zirelson, Senator from Kishineff, made his reply to the throne speech.

Rabbi Zirelson declared that anti-Semitism in Roumania is directed against the interest of law and order in the country. He delivered a strong protest against the introduction of anti-Semitism in the universities and demanded that the government check the spread of anti-Semitism which is assuming the form of anarchy.

Rabbi Zirelson was often interrupted by cries of “Go to Palestine.”

The Senate voted to omit from the Official Bulletin Rabbi Zirelson’s speech. The motion to omit the speech was made by the President of the Senate, General Coanda, who is Deputy Premier, after the rabbi had been violently criticized and accused of ingratitude, especially by the Roumianian Patriarch.

Objections were made that it was unconstitutional to strike out a speech from the Senate records, but these were overruled on the ground that if it was printed it might endanger the state.

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