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Effect of Hungarian Numerus Clausus Law is Shown by Figures

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service)

The official Hungarian Statistical Review has published a table of figures giving the number of Hungarian students who are now studying abroad. Commenting on these figures, it asserts that there is no real justification for the complaint that a large number of Hungarian students have been forced because of the numerus clausus law to go abroad to study. In 1913-1914, it says, 9% of Hungarian students were studying abroad. Today, there are only 9.6% of Hungarian students who are studying abroad.

The Liberal press commenting on the figures points out that the 9% in 1913-1914 was 9% of the total number of students in the whole of greater Hungary as it existed before the war, while the 9.6% today is 9.6% of the number of students in present-day Hungary, shrunk to about a third of its pre-war area. Since 1921, it adds, about 7,000 students have had to go abroad to study. Most of these were Jewish students.