Statistics on Desecration of Jewish Cemeteries in Germany Are Published
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Statistics on Desecration of Jewish Cemeteries in Germany Are Published

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Alarming statistics concerning the deseeration of Jewish cemeteries in Germany were published by the “C. V. Zeitung” the organ of the Central Verein der Deutsehen Juden. Sixteen cemeteries in Germany were desecrated during the period December. 1924 to December. 1926. Synagogues were desecrated in Munich. Berlin. Potsdam, Kiel and other cities.

The organ of the central organization of German Jews observes that the list is not complete. It is sufficient. however. to show that even the peace of the dead is no longer regarded as a command of humanity by the incited vandals, the paper states. It is possible that in the cases recorded even persons who are not members of the Voelkische party were responsible. Everyone, however, who is acquainted with the propaganda of the Voelkische party will not have the slightest doubt that the overwhelming majority of the cases can be ascribed to the activity of the party. Certainly this has occurred notwithstanding the will of the party leaders, but in view of the fact that the essence of the party’s teaching is racial hatred, it necessarily directs its followers, particularly the youth, to employ every possible means of inflicting upon “the enemies” the greatest possible degradation and damage.

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