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Sabbath Alliance Charges New York Police Are Enforcing Non-existent Law

A charge that the New York police are enforcing a law which was never passed was made by the Jewish Sabbath Alliance of America, in a statement issued yesterday.

“On account of recent reports from various parts of the city that Sabbath keeping bootblacks, shoemakers and tailors were being forced to keep their place closed on Sunday through the alleged report that a bill was passed to that effect in the last session of the New York Legislature, the Jewish Sabbath Alliance,” the statement declares, “made an investigation and found that such laws were introduced but never passed and that some one is responsible for the enforcement of a law which has been killed in Committee.

“The Alliance has taken steps to inform all Seventh Day observing bootblacks and tailors that they may continue their work on Sunday as provided by Section 2144 of the Penal Law which permits Seventh Day observers to work on Sunday.”