Anti-zionist Arab Leader Regrets Aid to England
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Anti-zionist Arab Leader Regrets Aid to England

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service)

The Arabs are not enemies of the Jews but they do not want a Jewish majority in Palestine, declared Emir Shakih Arslan, one of the Syrian Nationalist leaders who has several times been to Geneva to make representations to the League of Nations on behalf of the Syrio-Palestine Congress.

Palestine, he said, in an interview with the Near East I’ress this week, is an integral part of Syria. The Arabs will never agree to a Jewish State in Palestine which is a holy land to them. Had the Arabs known that Palestine would be given to the Jews, they would not have fought against the Turks but against the British. The Jews should be satisfied with “equal rights” in Palestine, but control over the country must remain in the hands of the Arabs.

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