Paris “figaro” Attacks Sholom Schwartzbard
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Paris “figaro” Attacks Sholom Schwartzbard

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

An attack on Sholom Schwartzbard accusing him of Soviet sympathies, was published by the Paris newspaper, “Figaro”. The paper alleged that Schwartzbard had relations with the Soviet government. Schwartzbard addressed an open letter to the newspaper, denying categorically this allegation. In publishing the denial, the “Figaro” repeated its accusation, adding that Henry Torres, Schwartzbard’s counsel, has always defended Communists and that his defense of Schwartzbard is inspired by the Soviets.


An error occurred in the report that Dr. Mann of the Hebrew Union College will lecture at the Hebrew University during the next semestre.

Dr. Jacob Mann, Professor of History at the Hebrew Union College, will lecture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem during the academic year 1927-1928. The services of Dr. Jacob mann have been loaned by the Hebrew Union College to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for the entire year. In the previous report it was erroneously stated that Dr. Louis L. Manu, Rabbi of Temple Sinai, Chicago, would lecture at the Hebrew University.