American Delegation to Jewish Rights Conference is Given Send-off
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American Delegation to Jewish Rights Conference is Given Send-off

The delegation of the American Jewish Congress to the Conference on Jewish Rights at Zurich beginning August 17, was tendered a farewell dinner at the Hotel Biltmore Wednesday evening.

In his address Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress, declared that “private diplomacy is never effective so far as the Jews are concerned” in speaking on the action of the Congress in protesting against the treatment of the Jews in Roumania.

“We don’t care any longer what the Roumanian Minister in Washington tells us in respect to the rights of Jews in his country,” Rabbi Wise said. “The Minister’s grandiose promises meant nothing, but the more decent treatment accorded to Jews in Roumania the last six months had been due to the straight-forward protests of the organization.”

Among the speakers were Mrs. Archibald Silverman. Emanuel Hertz, Benjamin Titman, Justice Gustave Hartman, Dr. J. Tenenbaum and Aaron Sapiro of Chicago.

At the suggestion of Mr. Titman a loan of $10,000 was raised for the American Jewish Congress.

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