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Zionist Organization Issues Appeal for Palestine Earthquake Victims

An appeal to the Jewish and non-Jewish public to send in donations for the victims of the Palestine earthquake was issued today by Louis Lipsky, president of the Zionist Organization of America, and Miss Henrietta Szold, vice-president.

The Zionist Organization announces that it is prepared to receive contributions to the Palestine earthquake relief fund and to transmit these contributions to the various committees which have been formed in Palestine. The appeal of the Zionist Organization of America reads:

“A wide-spread interest has been manifested in prevailing conditions in Palestine, arising out of the recent earthquake. Proffers of assistance have come almost daily to the offices of the Zionist Organization of America.

“Although the complete details of the havoc wrought are not as yet at hand, information received from reliable sources indicates a serious disturbance in Palestine affairs-the demolition of private and public buildings, the destruction of a number of Arab villages and, worst of all, serious injuries to hundreds of persons and the loss of many lives.

“Such a catastrophe in any established country could probably be dealt with by the unaffected residue of the population. The Palestine Government is doing everything possible to deal with the emergency. But Palestine is in an exceptional state, for there is not a sufficiency of local recuperative strength to alleviate the situation without outside help. Such appeals for help have come from the Acting High Commissioner and from various communities in Palestine.

“In view of the many inquiries that have been received, asking for guidance in the remittance of funds, the Zionist Organization of America is prepared to receive contributions to the Palestine Earthquake Relief Fund, and to transmit such contributions to the appropriate committees that have been formed in Palestine for the extension of relief regardless of race or creed.

“All eyes are turned with sympathy toward Palestine. It is a land filled with inspiring memories. In its present difficulties, the sympathies of the whole civilized word should be engaged.

(Signed) Louis Lipsky, President, Zionist Organization of America Henrietta Szold, Vice-President, Zionist Organization of America.”

“P. S. All checks should be made pavable to Isaac Meister, treasurer, for the Palestine Earthquake Relief Fund, and sent to the Zionist Organization of America, 114 Fifth Avenue, New York. All contributions made to the fund will be remitted in full to Palestine. The expense of collection and remittance will be borne by the Zionist Organization of America.”