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Germany to Support Italy in Claim to Palestine Mandate, London Press Hears

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Germany will support Italy in her claim for the mandate of Palestine at the forthcoming League Assembly in September, according to a sensational report from Geneva published by the London Sunday Express.

The Geneva correspondent of the London newspaper states that as a result of the negotations which have been carried on for the last two months between Mussolini and the German Minister of Foreign Affairs Streseman an agreement has been reached between Italy and Germany on this subject, concerning which the Secretariat of the League of Nations received information.

According to the agreement, Germany will support Italy’s claim in South Africa and Abyssinia and especially for the Palestine mandate. In exchange Italy will support Germany In her claims to her former colonial possessions in East Africa.

The correspondent declares that statements have been made in Geneva to the effect that the British government was cognizant of these negotiations and is inclined to cede the Palestine mandate because of the “expenses incurred.”