Schwartzsard Accusation Act Glorifies Petlura

The contents of the act of accusation against Sholom Schwartzbard, slayer of Petlura, were published in the London Yiddish paper, “Dre Zeit,” according to a cable to the “Jewish Morning Journal.”

In the act of accusation, the French state attorney depicts Petlura as “a great personage, a Ukrainian patriot a man of honest and moral purposes.” The act, the report states, seeks to ?ear Petlura’s name declaring that it is unthinkable that such a noble person as Petlura should have arranged or tolerated anti-Jewish programs. Schwartzbard is ##ted in the act as a man without i##nis##.Schwartzbard was given a disciplinary punishment of three days on bread and water because the prison authorities found a newspaper in his call.