Resolution in Congress Asks Straus Monument
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Resolution in Congress Asks Straus Monument

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

A resolution for the erection of a monument to the memory of Oscar S. Straus in the Capitol grounds at Washington was introduced into the House yesterday by Congressman Emanuel Celler.

In a statement issued today, Congressman Celler declared:

“The Roman Cate once said ‘I had rather it should be asked why I had not a statue, than why I had one.’ There are none who question in the slightest a monument to Oscar S. Straus. On the contrary millions would applaud.

“Humanitarian, scholar, diplomat, patriot; he served with distinction under four administrations. He was ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Turkey, and a member of Roosevelt’s Cabinet.

“He was born abroad, and was thus a citizen by choice,’ and he loved America with all his soul. He could ‘walk with kings, nor lose the common touch.’

“The Capitol grounds at Washington would be a fitting setting for his statue, and thus the American people would bear perpetual witness to his greatness.”