Warsaw Commission Begins Extensive Investigation into Schechita Question
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Warsaw Commission Begins Extensive Investigation into Schechita Question

Kehillah Council Collects Data to Refute Agitation (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Three inquiries into the various aspects of the Schechita, the Jewish method of slaughtering animals, were undertaken by the special commission appointed by the Warsaw city government following the agitation initiated in the City Council by nationalist elements.

Mr. Pilacki, a member of the commission, representing the Polish Socialist Party, was charged with submitting a report on the economic aspect of the question. Mr. Kavolewski, a member of the Christian Democratic Party, is to report on the historic and judicial aspect, while the Jewish councilor, Dr. Z. Bychowski, a Zionist, will submit a report on the humanitarian and biological aspect.

Extensive preparations to counteract the anti-schechita propaganda were taken by the Warsaw Kehillah council. The Kehillah has directed inquiries to the larger Jewish communities in Europe, addressed to outstanding authorities on the question, asking for detailed data collected in various European centers when anti-schechita agitation had been conducted there. Much of the material has already arrived and is now being prepared in Polish translation for dissemination.