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Poles Ask American City Governments for Advice on Schechita Question

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The advice of American city governments, where the Schechita, the Jewish method of slaughtering animals, was never considered a question, was asked by the city government of Warsaw where the issue has been raised as a result of anti-Semitic agitation.

In accordance with a decision taken by the joint commission of the Warsaw city government and City Council, appointed to institute an inquiry into the subject, a questionnaire asking repress to twenty-seven points was address to the forty-one cities abroad. Among the cities which were asked to relate their experience and opinion on the Schechita are New York, Chicago, Philadelphia Boston, cities in Soviet Russia and in Western Europe.

The Jewish member of the joint commission protested against the inquiry contending that this might raise a question with regard to the Schechita in cities where it has never come up. He was overruled on this point.