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Dr. Kotchnik Will Seek to Create Peace Between Polish and Jewish Students

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Dr. Kotchnik, Director of the International Students Federation, who is now on a visit to Poland, will endeavor to bring about an un derstanding between the Polish and Jewish students. Speaking at the Jewisl Students’ Home here at a reception arranged in honor of his visit, Dr. Kotchni said that he would do everything possible in order to bring about an understandin between the Polish and Jewish studen youth. But he was alive to the difficulties of the situation and it was necessary to proceed slowly and cautiously.

Turning to conditions in other countries, he said that the Federation had i? the early years of the Soviet regime don? a great deal of work in Russia, spending about 11/2 million dollars on behalf of the Russian Students’ Organizations. The Soviet Government had, however, insisted on having the distribution of the funds in its own hands, and the Federation had for that reason withdrawn from Russia. As for Roumania, the Roumanian Studens’ Organization was not officially a part of the International Federation. The International Federation condemned the excesses in Roumania and had published a special volume dealing with the subject.