Communists May Return to International; Will Not Be Permitted Office
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Communists May Return to International; Will Not Be Permitted Office

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

Communists who were put outside the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union in the union’s fight with the Left Wing, may be re-instated in the union on certain conditions, according to a recommendation of the board adopted by the convention here with only four dissenting votes.

While members of the Communist Party or the Trade Union Educational League may join the union and be entitled to all benefits and protection of the union, they cannot hold office, the convention decided.

Members may be reinstated within a reasonable time after adjournment of the convention, with full rights and privileges, upon payment of the per capita tax to the local union since Jan. 1, 1927. This does not include members charged with strike breaking.

Executive boards of locals are empowered to reinstate all members who have joined the union since registration. upon application of such members, if the board is satisfied that these members have, since their initiation conducted themselves as trade unionists.

A program of unemployment insurance and social welfare measures was adopted.

Some uncertainty prevails as to the composition of the new administration as deep disappointment was felt among a number of New York delegates over the defeat of their proposal that the union’s leadership be elected by a referendum among the entire membership, instead of by the convention, as has been the practice heretofore. The referendum was advocated by the oppositional element within the Right wing which sought to substitute Morris Sigman by Schlesinger.