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Fire Destroys Jewish Quarter in Georgian City; 22 Killed, 300 Injured

Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Twenty-two Caucasian Jews were killed and 300 seriously injured in a fire which swept the Jewish quarter of Kutais, Georgia. Three hundred and fifty-nine houses in the Jewish quarter were totally destroyed, leaving the community of 6,000 roofless.

The damages were so great that local relief was found insufficient and an appeal despatched to the Ozet here. The entire Jewish community of Kutais is suffering from lack of food. The Ozet despatched 300 rouble to provide immediate relief.

The Jewish community of Kutais has also addressed an appeal to the Georgian Zik, asking that new land be assigned for those who lost their entire property in the fire and will be unable to reestablish themselves in the city. They have also appealed to the Comzet that a number of the sufferers be settled on the land in Crimea.