Hebraists Hold 10th Annual Convention
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Hebraists Hold 10th Annual Convention

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

One hundred delegates representing twelve cities in New York, New Jersey, PennsyIvania and Connecticut attended the tenth annual convention of the Histadruth Ivrith, held here Saturday night and all day Sunday.

The Hebrew movement is advancing both here and abroad, it was reported to the convention by Z. Scharfstein. Dr. Max Raisin welcomed the convention at is opening session.

The progress of the Hebrew schools in Poland, Lithuania, China and the Argentine was reported by Mr. Scharfstated that Hebrew culture is spreading in the United States. Fifty Hebrew boods have been published during the past year. he declared, urging the extension of the Histadruth publishing Company.

The convention authorized the Executive Committee to form a council representing the districts as an advisory body. A budget of $48,000, including $26,000 for the Hadoar, Hebrew weekly, was adopted. Reports were also submitted by Abe. Goldberg, William Z. Spiegelman, secretary, and A. Spicehandler treasurer. The treasurer reported a deficit of $12,000.

Abraham Goldberg was elected president and Dr. P. Churgin, vice president. The Executive Committee chosen includes William Z. Spiegelman, chairman, Dr. S. Bernstein, Dr. S. Baron. Dr. M. Katz. Dr. H. M. Gordon, M. Ribalov, M. H. Talner, Dr. M. Einhorn, I. Rivkind. P. Maze, A. Spicehandler, Z. Scharftstein, S. B. Maximon and B. Margolin.