German Zionist Organ Sees Present Controversy As World Movement Symptom
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German Zionist Organ Sees Present Controversy As World Movement Symptom

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

It is the general feeling among German Zionists that the Pittsburgh convention will make great decisions, not only because Palestine is dependent materially on America, but because the entire movement sees in America the most blatant case of internal dissolution also noticeable in other sections of the movement, writes the “Juedische Rundschau,” official organ of the Federation of German Zionists.

The only way to overcome this, the paper continues, is a clear recognition of the conscious counteraction that has set in. The American problem, therefore, is of tremendous importance for the entire movement. Its psychological background is typical. Stronger than political and economic differences, are the opposition to officials and the suspicion of cliques. Both sides have an admixture of right and wrong. The crisis will be solved not by compromises, but by the will for cooperation by all responsible persons and the restoration of solidarity.

Louis Lipsky’s decision to withdraw must be based on an arrangement for a compromise, the paper states, which means that the result of the convention was decided before it opened. “Lipsky’s sacrifice must not be in vain,” the paper says. ‘If Pittsburgh restores solidarity and authority in American Zionism, it will be a historic date in Zionist history.”

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