Power Subject of Fellowship Week Discussion
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Power Subject of Fellowship Week Discussion

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

The Chrisian Jewish Fellowship Week, called by the Midwest Council for Social Discussion, will be held at Racine, Wisconsin, with the participation of Jewish and Christian leaders will be divided into two sections, one to take up the relation of the individual to the group and the other the struggle for power.

The first will consider the question: Can a line be drawn beween the right of the individual and that of the group, family, school, church, race, nation ? Also, how can we determine the relative importance of conflicting loyalties? Is there a right or duty of non-conformity? If so when does either become operative?

Another question to be discussed is; How can provision be made as a practical matter, both for ordered progress of the group and normal spiritual development of the individual?

In the second division will be considered the question: If the desire for power is considered natural or instinctive, can it be satisfied by power over things instead of power over people? And, by what means can a greater equalization of economic power be accomplished?