Rock of Moses Still Gives Forth Water
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Rock of Moses Still Gives Forth Water

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

The rock which Moses struck to make water ## forth, still is trickling into the Syrian desert, according to a despatch from the Field Museum Desert Expedition.

In its search for prehistoric remains of human life in Mesopotamia and Trans-Jordania, the expedition has come across the famous rock in Horeb said to be the one which the Bible was vielded water to the thirsting Is## crossing the desert.

They found the rock giving as liberal a supply of water as it must have ## in the first days of its miraculous ##. A steady stream of cool liquid ## from the rock and forms the ## Musa, or stream of Moses.

The Wady Musa is a great boon to ## and their camels. Its water a clear and eminently drinkable. At the same time it is a place of rever## to many pilgrims who bless it not only for its comfort, but also for its ## associations.

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