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High Commissionership of Palestine Offered to General Smuts

Famous South African Statesman Declined (J. T. A. Mail Service)

General J. C. Smuts, South African statesman and friend of Zionism, was offered the post of High Commissioner of Palestine by the British Government, it was learned here.

At the first meeting of the Executive Council of the South African Zionist Federation, held after receipt of the news of the appointment of Sir John Chancellor as High Commissioner for Palestine and of the offer of this post having been made to General Smuts, a resolution was adopted and conveyed to General Smuts. The resolution read:

“The Executive Council of the South African Zionist Federation has learned with the utmost satifaction that the position of High Commissioner for Palestine was offered by the British Government to so distinguished a son of South Africa and so outstanding a friend of the Jewish people as General Smuts; and whilst regretting that General Smuts was unable to accept the invitation, it regards the offer as further evidence of the earnest desire of the Mandatory Power to establish the Jewish National Home in Palestine in the spirit of the Balfour Declaration.”

In his reply General Smuts declared: “I am much gratified by the kind resolution of your Executive. And I agree with them that the offer to me was an unmistakeable indication of the earnest desire of the British Government to carry out the policy of the National Home, of which I am a well-known advocate.”

At the same meeting a resolution on the appointment of Sir John Chancellor to the post was adopted.

“The Executive Council of the South African Zionist Federation conveys hearty congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous and fruitful term of office to Sir John Chancellor on his appointment as High Commissioner or Palestine.” the resolution declared “It views his appointment with special interest and pleasure by reason of Sir John Chancellor’s close connection with Southern Africa.”

Announcement has been made of the appointment of Paul Berman as Assistant City Solicitor of Baltimore, Md. to succeed Willinm Lovitt.

Mr. Berman is a member of the House of Delegates from the Fourth district. It was said that it would not be necessary for Mr. Berman to resign from the Legislature to take up his new post. Mr. Berman is 26 years old.