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Philadelphia Jewish Aviator in Air Derby

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

The first aviator to leave Roosevelt Field, Long Island, in the cross-country air races was Albert R. Jacobs, Philadelphia aviator, and accompanying him was a passenger Samuel Gordon, also of this city, Jacobs based his hopes in the races on a plane which is powered by a motor which he designed and built in his own shop in this city. His was the only “home made” entry in the contests. Jacobs, is sole owner of Fisher and Jacobs, Inc. manufacturers of airplane motors, and it was in the small shop of his firm here that he built, with the assistance of two mechanies, the motor which powers his Waco 10 plane.

Gordon’s father, Max Gordon, and two brothers, went to Harrisburg to greet the fliers. Gordon is a close friend of Jacobs and an aviation enthusiast.