Legal Fight Looms over $50,000 Bequest to Propagate Atheism
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Legal Fight Looms over $50,000 Bequest to Propagate Atheism

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

A long legal fight looms over the $50,000 bequest of the late Aaron Cades, wealthy Atlantic City and Camden, N. J., real estate dealer, for the propagation of atheism. The will left $2,000 yearly for twenty-five years to “the Atheist Society,” or “for the purpose of enlightening the public on atheism.”

Both the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism and the Free Thinkers Association have put in a claim for the money. Lewis Liberman, attorney and Edwin Cades, son of the testator, who are co-executors of the estate, have announced that they will not pay the money to either of the societies except under court order, because of the “vagueness” of the bequest.

Aaron Cades died December 14, 1927. His bequest was a surprise, as he was not known as an atheist. His family is active in Beth-El Synagogue, Camden.