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Government Commission Substantiates Report of Excesses in Bessarabia

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The official investigating commission, composed of Senator Horiah Karp and M. Kaloyanu, director of the Ministry of the Interior, sent by the Roumanian government, substantiated the reports of the anti-Jewish attacks in Chichmela, near Ismail.

The commission established the guilt of several government officials. As the result of the commission’s report, the Ministry of the Interior has decided to subject the chief of the local gendarmerie, the secretary of the municipality and the sub-prefect of police to court martial. The government will also refund the congregation for the damages resulting from the fire in the local synagogue set by the hooligans. The damage was estimated at one million lei. Five Holy Scrolls were burned.

In an order issued by the authorities it is declared that the government is determined “to keep peace in the land at all costs.”