Rabbi Stephen Wise Attacks the Bigotry Display in Elections
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Rabbi Stephen Wise Attacks the Bigotry Display in Elections

” The election proved there is no such thing as the Jewish vote, but the same cannot be said for the partisan and sectarian Christian vote,” Rabbi Stephen S. Wise of the Free Synagogue said Sunday in his sermon in Carnegie Hall on ” The Sin of Compromise — a Post-Election Challenge to the American People.”

He attacked bigetry, which, he said, ” has virtually been laid down as a principle of American political life, that, so far as the Presidency is concerned, Catholics are disfranchised.”

In regard to the Jewish vote question in New York, he said, ” If the Jewish candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor had both been elected, the Jewish vote charge might stand, but the vote proved that Jews voted like othere groups, only more so. “They voted for parties, principles and men, and not as Jews for Jews.”

Prohibition and immigration, Rabbi Wise mentioned as two of the issues that were left unsolved, and these ” two issues, as well as the status of 12,000,000 American Negroes should be taken out of politics.”