City Commission of Warsaw Seeks to Control Schechita
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City Commission of Warsaw Seeks to Control Schechita

Questions pertaining to the schechita and to the place occupied by Warsaw Jews in the meat industry in the Polish capital will soon come up before the plenary session of the City Council.

The City Council last year appointed a special commission to inquire into the meat industry problem and into the advisability of taking steps with regard to the schechita. The commission included Jewish members of the Council.

Over the opposition of its Jewish members the commission now submitted a report containing a recommendation that the schechita be permitted in Warsaw only to the extent corresponding to the proportion of the Jewish population to the general population. The commission also recommended that the meat industry be municipalized and that a system be introduced eliminating the middleman from the industry. Any one of these recommendations if enacted into law will greatly affect the position of the Jews in the industry.

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