Unearth Temple of Assyrian King
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Unearth Temple of Assyrian King

The Palace of Sennacherib, the Assyrian King who captured Jerusalem about 700 before the Christian era, has been unearthed by a University of Chicago expedition. Prof. Edward Chiera. just returned from the scene, says. It is larger than Solomon’s Temple, and is close to the Tigris, not far from the site of ancient Nineveh.

Sennacherib figures in the Old Testament as the King who was smitten by the angel of the Lord, possibly with poison gas, as the whole army was destroyed, when it “came down like a wolf on the fold.”

Awaiting shipment are 125 tons of relief work dug up. Included is a 20-ton stone bull, which once guarded the gateway to the palace. Inscriptions will be translated here at the university’s Oriental Institute. Prof. Chiera believes facts regarding ancient Assyria will be greatly increased.

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