Home Industries Planned for Jewish Settlers
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Home Industries Planned for Jewish Settlers

Textile, wool starch and stocking factories will be opened in the Jewish colonies by the Ort and the Agrojoint which are anxious that the colonists should not depend upon the crops alone. The factories will keep the colonists busy in the winter, increasing their income. The machinery will be provided by both organizations, while the raw material will be obtained in the vicinity.

Because the Crimea is a sheep region, the Agrojoint is organizing a wool buying center at Simferopol, to purchase wool for spinning within the colonies.

The same policy will be followed in the Ukraine where there are sufficient potatoes for the starch factories.

Americans desiring to help relatives in the colonies, can send them machines, the Ort and Agrojoint providing the raw materials.

Industrialization among the colonists creates a situation whereby the colonist also becomes an artisan, selling the finished products to the cooperatives.