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Arab Leader Says Palestine Officials Reluctant to Carry out London’s Orders

“The majority of the British officials in Palestine are definitely on our side and opposed to the Balfour Declaration, regretting only that they are compelled to execute the orders they receive from London with which they do not agree,” stated Amuni Abdel Hadi, Secretary of the Supreme Arab Council of Palestine, in an interview published this morning in the Egyptian paper, “Mocattam.”

“All Palestine eagerly awaits the findings of the Commission of Inquiry. The Arabs, however, will not be quieted as long as the Balfour Declaration exists. Delegation after delegation has been sent to London, relying on the assistance of our friends there, particularly Lord Rothermere.”

The secretary of the Arab Council complained against the collective punishment ordinance which Sir John Chancellor introduced, based upon a law of 1926 sponsored by former High Commissioner Lord Plumer, which, he said, is definitely pro-Zionist. He expressed thanks to the Egyptian press for supporting the Arab cause.