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Discuss Pro and Con of Future Direction of Bira-bidjan Project

The question as to whether the Jewish settlement project in Bira-Bidjan, sponsored by the Ozet, society for Jewish land settlement, shall continue to be conducted under the Ozet or by a special shareholding corporation, which has been suggested, is being discussed here. Many oppose the formation of a special corporation.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent learns, however, that such a corporation is already being constituted with the participation of the Comzet, government department for Jewish land settlement; the Dal-Ris, the government trust controlling the rice plantations in the far eastern region; the Dal-Lies, the government trust controlling the timber industry in the far eastern region; the Icor, the society in the United States sponsoring the Far Eastern project; the Prokor, South American society joining in the work, and a number of local cooperative enterprises active in the Far East.

According to the plan, the direction of the Bidjan undertaking will be transferred from the Ozet to a special joint committee of representatives of incorporated organizations having an independent legal status. The capital is to be furnished by investment of each in the shareholding organization; The opponents to the project point out that such a corporation will not add new capital to the building up of Bidjan, since the Dal-Ris and the Dal-Lies are already participating in the Bidjan rice and timber enterprises.