Settling Jewish Youth Threatens Comzet Split
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Settling Jewish Youth Threatens Comzet Split

A serious split has occurred in the ranks of the Comzet in the Ukraine due to the difficulties surrounding the establishment of declassed Jewish youth in the factories.

Provincial Comzet leaders openly accused the Central Comzet in the Ukraine of negligence and poor management, pointing out that the failure with the Jewish youth sent to Donetz Coal Basin and other industries is due to the misdirection of I. Kantor, head of the Ukrainian Comzet, and prominent Communist leader.

“When will this chaos be liquidated?” provincial Comzet leaders ask in today’s issue of the “Stern,” Charkov Communist Yiddish daily, demanding a thorough investigation. This demand is supported by the paper which urges strict punishment for those responsible for the chaotic state of affairs.

There is also dissatisfaction with the five year plan which the Ukrainian Comzet has prepared to help the declassed. The possibility that the Moscow Comzet will intervene in the controversy is not precluded.