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C. A. Cowen New Director of Bensonhurst Yeshiva

The Yeshiva of Bensonhurst has secured the services of Charles A. Cowen, a noted Jewish leader, as Executive Director, according to an announcement made today by David Freiberger, President of the Yeshiva. Mr. Cowen who has been associated with various Jewish communal affairs during the past twenty-five years, has been a leader in the Zionist movement ever since 1914, when he was a member of the Provisional Zionist Committee with Justice Louis D. Brandeis as chairman. He has also been active in Jewish relief and cultural work.

Mr. Cowen’s appointment to the post of Executive Director, according to Mr. Freiberger, marks the adoption of a program of extension of the activities of the Institute. The Yeshiva, of which I. Z. Frishberg is principal, has six hundred pupils.

One of the first activities initiated by Mr. Cowen will be a series of lectures to be held on Friday evenings, at which some of the foremost leaders in American Jewish life will speak. Mr. Cowen announced that the opening lecture of the Forum will be on Friday evening, February 7, with Louis Lipsky, president of the Zionist Organization of America, as the guest speaker, who will talk on “Present Standards of American Life.” Other speakers on the program announced by Mr. Cowen are: Maurice Samuel, Dr. Schmarya Levin, Dr. Israel S. Wechsler, and Dr. Stephen S. Wise.