Yiddish Paper Welcomes Yevsektzia’s Dissolution
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Yiddish Paper Welcomes Yevsektzia’s Dissolution

The news that the Yevsektzia or Jewish section of the Communist Party in Russia, has been abolished, is greeted with joy in an editorial in the “Day” of March 5, which feels that the Jews of Russia have been harmed by its activities.

“We don’t doubt for a moment that the dissolution of the Yevsektzia will be regarded by Russian Jewry as a great blessing,” says the editorial. “It is like the eradication of the Asiatic pest, from which Russia suffers so often, like the elimination of a painful sore. As long as the Soviet policies went from bad to worse, from force to terror, it tolerated the Jewish terrorists, their acts of revenge, their intrigues and persecutions, their cynical disregard of the feelings of the great majority of Jews. But now that the inquisition has been abated, the instrument which served the inquisition has been thrown out.

Not only in Russia, but throughout the world wherever a Jewish heart beats, it will be a joy to learn that the Yevsektzia is dead.”

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