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Sovnarkom Orders Crimea to Assign 109,000 New Hectares for Jewish Land Settlement

The Sovnarkom (Soviet cabinet) today officially instructed the Crimean government to assign 109,000 additional hectares of land for new Jewish colonists. The land will be granted to the Comzet, the government department for settling the Jews on the land, which agrees that the new Jewish settlers are to be settled in the collectivized form only.

Ten huge collectives will be organized in Crimea this Spring for Jewish settlers, each of the collectives to embrace 10,000 hectars of land. The Spring settling will start March 25 and is expected to be finished by May 10.

In the meantime the Soviet government organs are highly dissatisfied with results in the Jankoy and Yevpatoria regions where the collection of seeds for the Spring sowing showed worse results than in other Crimean regions. The dissatisfaction is especially great with the Yevpatoria region which is completely collectivized.

The poor results are due to the fact that the Jewish colonists had no seeds left to submit because they had submitted everything during the grain collection.