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“oktiabr” Uses Appeal of Minsk Rabbis to Prove Jewish Religion Not Persecuted

The appeal recently sent out by the Minsk rabbis was today utilized by the “Oktiabr,” Communist paper of Minsk, to prove that Jewish religion is not persecuted in Russia.

“We are not persecuting Jewish religion,” writes the paper,” and this is attested to by the statement of the Minsk rabbis. But if the synagogues become a place where contrabandists and contra-revolutionists gather, if we find smuggled silk stockings and ladies’ underwear in the holy arc, if we find there other secreted smuggled goods, then it is natural for the workers to demand liquidation of these nests of contraband and counter-revolutionary activities.”

The “Oktiabr” concludes by saying that “while the entire religious clique serves imperialism, rabbis and priests must be considered enemies of the Soviet because they all help those who exploit the workers.”