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Krass Makes Strong Plea for Unity at Session of Allied Jewish Campaign Conference

It is not a question now of Palestine or Russia, but of Palestine and Russia, declared Rabbi Nathan L. Krass of Temple manu-El, who was the last speaker at Saturday night’s session of the conference of the Allied Jewish Campaign. Dr. Krass made a strong plea for Jewish unity in aiding Jews wherever they are in distress today.

“The time has come when we must lay aside all our internal differences, which are all right, academically speaking,” said Rabbi Krass. “The time has come when we must all unite, all Jews—those within the fold and those without the fold—in order that we may help our brethren abroad, because if we do not help them, it is very dubious whether anybody else will help them. We are their brethren whether we like it or not. God has joined us together and what God has joined together, no Jew has the right to separate,” declared Rabbi Krass.