Britain Contributes Large Sums to Transjordania’s Revenues
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Britain Contributes Large Sums to Transjordania’s Revenues

The sum of $140,000 for the Transjordanian defense force and $75,000 for the capital cost of public works in Transjordania was contributed by the British government exclusive of the cost of the additional forces stationed in Palestine and Transjordania as a result of the disturbances, declared Dr. Drummond Shiels, under-secretary for the Colonies, replying to a question from Wardlaw Milne in the House of Commons.

Dr. Shiels was unable to say when the excess cost of the British forces would be borne by the Transjordanian revenues. The British forces now in Transjordania and Palestine consist of two squadrons of aircraft, four sections of armored cars, two battalions of British infantry and the Transjordan defense force, said Dr. Shiels.

He replied in the negative to Sir Herbert Samuel’s question of whether the aforementioned forces were also employed in connection with the air route to India, saying that those forces were primarily concerned with the defense of Transjordania and Palestine and any necessities that may arise.

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