Sees Commission Suited to Wailing Wall Question
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Sees Commission Suited to Wailing Wall Question

A satisfactory solution of the Wailing Wall question is seen in the personnel of the Wailing Wall Commission by the “Manchester Guardian.” The combination of diplomacy, law and colonial administration promise a satisfactory solution, the paper writes. A further advantage, says the “Manchester Guardian,” is that the commissioners can act with all the independence of neutrals and all the prestige of the League of Nations.

“The question is essentially judicial and peace in Palestine depends on its full and administrative decision, the commissioners having to establish once and for all beyond any question of appeal the status of the Wailing Wall, thus removing one of the numerous opportunities for conflict.”

The British government yesterday submitted to the Council of the League of Nations the names of Eliel Loefgren, former foreign minister of Sweden, Charles Barde, a Swiss jurist and A. J. Van Kempen, a former Dutch colonial official as the members of the international commission to be sent to Palestine to investigate the Moslem and Jewish claims to the Wailing Wall.

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