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Suspended Jewish Student Criticized Chapel Speakers, Says University Official

chapel. Silver wrote a flippant letter in true undergraduate fashion, ridiculing and criticising the speaker-guests of the university. Regarding this as an insult to guests of the university, in which no student has a right to indulge, Dean Arnold suspended Silver. When Silver will be permitted to return to his studies the Dean was not prepared to say. In his statement the Dean said:

“Brown University is not willing to have its students treat impolitely and in an ungentlemanly fashion those who should be treated with respect”.

Among those guest-speakers whom Silver criticised in his letter were Dean Sperry, formerly of Harvard Theological School; Dean Gilkey, of the University of Chicago Divinity School; Prof. William Lyon Phelps of Yale; Rev. S. Parkes Cadman; and Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver of Cleveland.